ActorCor – Harmonizing the Religious Divide

A surplus of musically talented actors combined with a desire to address increased Islamophobia in New York City leads the creation of a choir dedicated to finding the harmonies amongst Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  The primary motivation behind ActorCor and its creation in 2008 was the increasing anti-Muslim sentiment growing in the U.S. and especially Read more about ActorCor – Harmonizing the Religious Divide[…]

Peace Superheroes – Engaging Conflict with Non-Violence

A dynamic and varied group of survivors of violence come together in an urban environment to form a team dedicated to transforming the frequent violence that surrounds them. Over the course of the season, they work through internal and external conflicts which help coalesce a tightly-knit and awe-inspiring group.  Viewers will be entertained by richly Read more about Peace Superheroes – Engaging Conflict with Non-Violence[…]

Making Mediation Fun(ny)

In his recent TEDx Talk, Brad Heckman, Director of the New York Peace Institute, explains mediation in a fun and interactive way using his own drawings (like this one) and cheesy puns. He introduces concepts like “It’s not about ewe,” “Dare to be dumb,” and “Dance Zombie Dance.” Check out his video to see what Read more about Making Mediation Fun(ny)[…]

Stories to Inspire You

Dietrich Fischer’s new book, “Stories to Inspire You,” is a collection of fables, stories and metaphors from around the world that teach themes of peace and nonviolence. Illustrated by Altynay Baihodjoeva, it comes out this week on Transcend University Press. As any of Dietrich Fischer’s students from his time as academic advisor at the European Read more about Stories to Inspire You[…]

Colby and Awu – Singing a New Paradigm

An American rapper and Cameroonian singer team up to create songs that highlight environmentalism, peace, social justice and a more positive world. Colby and Awu’s journey began this past summer (2012) in Bamenda, Cameroon. Colby Jeffers went there with his wife, Mallory, to volunteer with a nonprofit organization called “The Greens,” which focuses on environmentalism Read more about Colby and Awu – Singing a New Paradigm[…]

Raise a Flag for Peace

We’d like to introduce you to The Peace Flag, a new initiative that seeks the establishment of the world’s first official flag of peace. The Peace Flag is not a new flag, but rather, any flag, rendered colorless – white on white – such that it retains its identifying markings, while symbolically merging with other colorless flags to Read more about Raise a Flag for Peace[…]

Ambassador Bird – A Whole New World of Peace

What do a talking dove, a grumpy seagull and a stray kitten have to do with world peace? Plenty. The talking dove is the central character in The World of Ambassador Bird, a children’s media brand that invites peace-loving companies to partner with them in empowering families and children around the world. The multi-national main Read more about Ambassador Bird – A Whole New World of Peace[…]

Juanes – Peace Without Borders

Colombian rock star, Juanes, shares how he got aligned with the cause for peace. In this video, Juanes shares how he started using music to escape the violence he felt in Medellín, Colombia where he grew up. But it also became a vehicle for him to express his feelings. And now his music is an Read more about Juanes – Peace Without Borders[…]

Gifts that are Peaceful and Sexy!

With the holidays quickly approaching here are some of our suggestions for great gifts that support peace in various ways. For kids, rather than giving them toys that reinforce violence (toy soldiers and weapons) or low self-esteem (Barbie dolls), try these alternatives: –       Board games (great to play with the whole family!) –       Art supplies Read more about Gifts that are Peaceful and Sexy![…]

Bono: Pop Culture Studies 101

Irish rock star, Bono, lead singer of the band U2, delivered a funny and inspiring speech at Georgetown University on November 13, 2012. Aside from a great Bill Clinton impersonation and drawing comparisons between the punk rock band The Clash and the Arab Spring, he discussed the importance of advocacy on several fronts: AIDS, poverty, Read more about Bono: Pop Culture Studies 101[…]