May We All Live in Harmony: World Peace Music Playlist

To show that peace is alive and kickin’, Peace is Sexy presents this World Peace Music playlist which includes all new music (i.e. from this millennium and not the 1960s) or lesser heard covers of classics. We’ve included some artists that have already been featured on Peace is Sexy like emma’s revolution, Colby and Awu, Read more about May We All Live in Harmony: World Peace Music Playlist[…]

Ruth Henry – Making peace with Hip Hop

I think there were two defining moments that got me started on my current path. One was as a teenager back in Boston, when I watched a friend get shot while hiding behind a car and trying to keep another friend from getting involved in the fight. My teenage years had been turbulent, as they Read more about Ruth Henry – Making peace with Hip Hop[…]

ActorCor – Harmonizing the Religious Divide

A surplus of musically talented actors combined with a desire to address increased Islamophobia in New York City leads the creation of a choir dedicated to finding the harmonies amongst Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  The primary motivation behind ActorCor and its creation in 2008 was the increasing anti-Muslim sentiment growing in the U.S. and especially Read more about ActorCor – Harmonizing the Religious Divide[…]

Colby and Awu – Singing a New Paradigm

An American rapper and Cameroonian singer team up to create songs that highlight environmentalism, peace, social justice and a more positive world. Colby and Awu’s journey began this past summer (2012) in Bamenda, Cameroon. Colby Jeffers went there with his wife, Mallory, to volunteer with a nonprofit organization called “The Greens,” which focuses on environmentalism Read more about Colby and Awu – Singing a New Paradigm[…]

Juanes – Peace Without Borders

Colombian rock star, Juanes, shares how he got aligned with the cause for peace. In this video, Juanes shares how he started using music to escape the violence he felt in Medellín, Colombia where he grew up. But it also became a vehicle for him to express his feelings. And now his music is an Read more about Juanes – Peace Without Borders[…]

Human Rights in Video

Check out these two videos on Human Rights. The first one shows the history of human rights in a concise and visual way… from the beginning of time to the present… in under 10 minutes. Si prefieres la version en español, se puede encontrarla aqui. Version française à venir bientôt. German and Arabic coming soon too! Read more about Human Rights in Video[…]

Emmanuel Jal – He Wants Peace

Emmanuel Jal, a former child soldier from Sudan, has taken his story and turned it into some serious beats: a song called “We Want Peace”. Featuring strings by non other than Peter Gabriel, the song, like the campaign, dedicates itself to the realization that peace, is possible. To date, South Sudan‘s referendum has been a Read more about Emmanuel Jal – He Wants Peace[…]

Devyn Rush – An American Idol Gets UGLY

When I was in middle school, I was bullied a lot, for being scrawny. That was what the bullies led me to believe, anyway. Now, years later, I realize that it was my lack of self-esteem and awareness that really caused the bullying. I didn’t embrace the way I was different, and I didn’t know Read more about Devyn Rush – An American Idol Gets UGLY[…]

MasterPeace – Music Above Fighting

On the 4th of May, 2012, MasterPeace launched their first mini-documentary ‘Music above Fighting.’ This video tells the heart-breaking stories of three people in different conflict areas who are fed up with the situation they live in. They make music with people from the other side of the border and tell about the conflict. The movie is Read more about MasterPeace – Music Above Fighting[…]

MC Yogi – Beat Boxing the Change

For a good time, sit next to the beat-happy, Krishna-crazed love machine known as MC Yogi (AKA Nick Giacomini) as he works his creative magic up in his Northern California studio, Photoshopping all kinds of dazzling personal India travel photos into wild collage art that will serve as backdrop for his “cosmic, electrifying” new shows Read more about MC Yogi – Beat Boxing the Change[…]