Gifts that are Peaceful and Sexy!

With the holidays quickly approaching here are some of our suggestions for great gifts that support peace in various ways.

For kids, rather than giving them toys that reinforce violence (toy soldiers and weapons) or low self-esteem (Barbie dolls), try these alternatives:

–       Board games (great to play with the whole family!)

–       Art supplies (so they can create their own toys and stimulate their creativity)

–       Musical instruments (be sure to pick ones that won’t drive the parents crazy!)

–       Books


Sexy Peace Mom Karen suggests the following books:

– Peace Beings With You by Katherine Scholes

– Whoever You Are by Mem Fox

– When Stories Fell Like Shooting Star by Valiska Gregory

– Somewhere Today by Shelley Moore Thomas


For anyone who needs clothes (from 99 days old to 99 years old), we recommend the great line of Peace Wear (locally and environmentally made!) by emma’s revolution. And their music is a great gift too! Of course, you can also get some sexy swag in the Peace Is Sexy store.


For the adults on your list, check out this list that Mashable put together of 12 Holiday Gifts that Give Back. We prefer companies that empower local populations by helping them expand their market and develop smarter businesses and communities (rather than the ones that just give to the needy). Better to teach people how to fish than to give them a fish!

A few other suggestions:

–       Check if there are artisans in your community you can support by buying from them (maybe they’ve even organized a holiday market like in Inwood!)

–       Make a contribution to an organization that means something to you and to your gift recipient. (Check out organizations we’ve profiled for suggestions.)

–       Create your own masterpiece, cook a special meal or organize a fun activity.

–       Give the gift of your time. In the past, we’ve made gift certificates for an evening of free babysitting, an afternoon of help in the garden and a romantic date night (which we didn’t necessarily give to the same person!)


What’s the best peaceful and sexy gift that you are giving (or have received) this season? Let us know on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

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