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Helping peacebuilders communicate that they are Valuable & Powerful

Imagine a world in which your story is fully expressed, people understand the value of peace and nonviolence, of your organization, and that the news reflects what is actually going on in the world—including society’s real concerns and the constructive measures we are all taking to improve the situation.

That is the world that Marianne Perez Fransius is out to create. She is here to serve you in getting there through customized training, writing, and research tailored to your needs.

What others say about working with Marianne
Marianne was recruited as part of a team of three trainers to deliver an online course on narrative creation and public mobilisation for social impact. The team developed and implemented a curriculum for five two-hour sessions targeting 25 representatives of peacebuilding CSOs, with Marianne bringing in her expertise on peace journalism and social media outreach. Marianne is very pro-active, responsive, and helped to consolidate the various modules into a cohesive programme by coordinating with her fellow trainers. Her sessions were participant-centred and interactive, which was appreciated.
Featured in
Peace is Sexy

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams discusses what has fueled her activism for over 30 years and her latest passions around stopping gender violence and killer robots.

Peace is Possible

His father is a convicted terrorist, but Zak has chosen to be a peacebuilder. He was introduced to fanatical idealogies at a young age, but he chose a different path for himself.

Peace is Profitable

A few years ago, I was traveling in Congo and wondered, “What are the most peaceful countries in the world?” I really got curious and started researching, but couldn’t find anything.

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