Raise a Flag for Peace

USAWe’d like to introduce you to The Peace Flag, a new initiative that seeks the establishment of the world’s first official flag of peace. The Peace Flag is not a new flag, but rather, any flag, rendered colorless – white on white – such that it retains its identifying markings, while symbolically merging with other colorless flags to highlight the common humanity shared by people of all stripes.

Our goal is the creation of a United Nations resolution to establish colorless flags – as official flags of peace – to be raised by embassies worldwide each 21st September, in celebration of the International Day of Peace. For as long as man has walked the Earth, there has never been an official flag of peace which unites humanity as a whole.

the_PF-(3)We would love your support in spreading our message and join us in our quest to establish this global symbol of peace. For up to date information about our initiative’s progress, kindly follow our Facebook page.

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