Ruth Henry – Making peace with Hip Hop

I think there were two defining moments that got me started on my current path. One was as a teenager back in Boston, when I watched a friend get shot while hiding behind a car and trying to keep another friend from getting involved in the fight. My teenage years had been turbulent, as they Read more about Ruth Henry – Making peace with Hip Hop[…]

Colby and Awu – Singing a New Paradigm

An American rapper and Cameroonian singer team up to create songs that highlight environmentalism, peace, social justice and a more positive world. Colby and Awu’s journey began this past summer (2012) in Bamenda, Cameroon. Colby Jeffers went there with his wife, Mallory, to volunteer with a nonprofit organization called “The Greens,” which focuses on environmentalism Read more about Colby and Awu – Singing a New Paradigm[…]

MC Yogi – Beat Boxing the Change

For a good time, sit next to the beat-happy, Krishna-crazed love machine known as MC Yogi (AKA Nick Giacomini) as he works his creative magic up in his Northern California studio, Photoshopping all kinds of dazzling personal India travel photos into wild collage art that will serve as backdrop for his “cosmic, electrifying” new shows Read more about MC Yogi – Beat Boxing the Change[…]