My MasterPeace Moment

Everyone has a story – some big, others small. A miracle that happens in your life, a wonder, to pass on. Miracles that happened, because you made them happen. Because of your work, people’s lives got impacted, whether directly or indirectly. We at Peace is Sexy and MasterPeace appreciate very much the work you do, Read more about My MasterPeace Moment[…]

ActorCor – Harmonizing the Religious Divide

A surplus of musically talented actors combined with a desire to address increased Islamophobia in New York City leads the creation of a choir dedicated to finding the harmonies amongst Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  The primary motivation behind ActorCor and its creation in 2008 was the increasing anti-Muslim sentiment growing in the U.S. and especially Read more about ActorCor – Harmonizing the Religious Divide[…]

NY Peace Institute – The Quick and Easy Way to Solve all your Probs

New York Peace Institute’s CEO, Brad Heckman, gives Peace Is Sexy the run down on how peace is possible in New York City, a city with more diversity than there are aspiring stars on Broadway.  What’s New York Peace Institute’s mission? Our mission is to build peace in New York City – and beyond. We Read more about NY Peace Institute – The Quick and Easy Way to Solve all your Probs[…]