May We All Live in Harmony: World Peace Music Playlist

To show that peace is alive and kickin’, Peace is Sexy presents this World Peace Music playlist which includes all new music (i.e. from this millennium and not the 1960s) or lesser heard covers of classics. We’ve included some artists that have already been featured on Peace is Sexy like emma’s revolution, Colby and Awu, Read more about May We All Live in Harmony: World Peace Music Playlist[…]

#youth4peace – Redefining Youth as Peacebuilders

There is a widespread perception that youth are trouble makers. Economists believe a large youth population to be problematic for a country. Police forces (notably in the US) distrust youth and often target youth. Youth are considered to be particularly susceptible to violent extremism. And even governments consider youth as too young and inexperienced to Read more about #youth4peace – Redefining Youth as Peacebuilders[…]

How to Defend Yourself in a Conversation Without Harming your Attacker

by Luke Archer Nowadays it’s much more “accepted” to be subjected to psychological or verbal abuse than physical abuse. Due to this social tolerance and the apparent subjective nature of such abuse it can be considerably harder to deal with it or to even imagine that it could subside. Too often, the victims of regular Read more about How to Defend Yourself in a Conversation Without Harming your Attacker[…]

Summer of Peace 2015!

Peace is Sexy is excited to announce that we’re participating in the largest virtual peace event on the planet. Will you join us?We understand it can be difficult to know where to turn to find the inspiration and guidance we all need to heal the conflicts in our own hearts, in our relationships and in Read more about Summer of Peace 2015![…]

Acting, gaming, simulating for peace

There are plenty of games that teach and reinforce violence, but there’s also a growing number of games for peace. Here are just a few… Which other ones do you have experience with? Who says that violence is cooler and more fun than peace? Sure, with all the violence glorified in movies, TV shows, and Read more about Acting, gaming, simulating for peace[…]

Defining Conflict – Peace Education Film

What is Conflict? This peace education video was created by European Peace Univerity Students in the Fall Term of 2008. Based on the World Café methodology, this video brainstorm session starts from the question: ‘What is conflict?’ and expands from there! This video is intended to give an introductory insight into the complexities of peace Read more about Defining Conflict – Peace Education Film[…]

Audio: Portraying Peace in the Media – Peace Superheroes and Peace is Sexy

Often it seems that all we see in the media are violence, conflict and competition, whether it’s in the news, in entertainment or even in sports reporting. And this can have a significant impact on how we feel, how we see the world and how we deal with conflict. Notably we’ve recently seen in the Read more about Audio: Portraying Peace in the Media – Peace Superheroes and Peace is Sexy[…]

My MasterPeace Moment

Everyone has a story – some big, others small. A miracle that happens in your life, a wonder, to pass on. Miracles that happened, because you made them happen. Because of your work, people’s lives got impacted, whether directly or indirectly. We at Peace is Sexy and MasterPeace appreciate very much the work you do, Read more about My MasterPeace Moment[…]

Liberate Yourself for Passover

With the Judeo-Christian world focusing on liberation and redemption because of the Passover and Easter holidays that are coming up, we thought you might enjoy this interfaith and inter-cultural Passover Haggadah, originally written by Marianne Perez de Fransius and Karen Spencer Din for Passover 2005 (5765) at the European Peace University. It includes some Bob Read more about Liberate Yourself for Passover[…]

Burka Avenger – No Ordinary Pakistani Girl

What do you get when a Pakistani pop star creates a superhero series designed to empower girls and women? None other than Burka Avenger! She is the brain child of Haroon who created the veiled superhero to get the message out that girls should be allowed to go to school. The heroine, Jiya, is publicly Read more about Burka Avenger – No Ordinary Pakistani Girl[…]