May We All Live in Harmony: World Peace Music Playlist

To show that peace is alive and kickin’, Peace is Sexy presents this World Peace Music playlist which includes all new music (i.e. from this millennium and not the 1960s) or lesser heard covers of classics. We’ve included some artists that have already been featured on Peace is Sexy like emma’s revolution, Colby and Awu, Queen Rose, Emmanuel Jal, MC Yogi; some big names like U2, Jack Johnson, Rihanna and Lauryn Hill; and some artists that you may not have heard yet, but who have a powerful message.

It’s an open playlist that you can watch and listen to here:

There is lots of music that promotes peace that we aren’t aware of yet, so if you have a contribution to this playlist, please send us a link to the video in the YouTube comments or here: Peace on!

You are also welcome to share it on your various networks and media channels.

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