Defining Conflict – Peace Education Film

What is Conflict? This peace education video was created by European Peace Univerity Students in the Fall Term of 2008. Based on the World Café methodology, this video brainstorm session starts from the question: ‘What is conflict?’ and expands from there! This video is intended to give an introductory insight into the complexities of peace Read more about Defining Conflict – Peace Education Film[…]

Holding everyone’s needs with care

In honor of the passing of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg on February 7, 2015, we wanted to share with you a few articles about the creator of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). First on a personal note, I had the honor of being trained by Marshall in the intimacy of the masters in peace studies at the European Read more about Holding everyone’s needs with care[…]

Turning Conflict into an Opportunity

40 people, 22 to 72 years old, from 30 different countries all living in a secluded house sharing one kitchen. Sounds like it could be either a new reality TV show or a recipe for disaster. But far from it; rather, it’s a great way to experience peace. Really. This is the format that the Read more about Turning Conflict into an Opportunity[…]