Audio: Portraying Peace in the Media – Peace Superheroes and Peace is Sexy


Often it seems that all we see in the media are violence, conflict and competition, whether it’s in the news, in entertainment or even in sports reporting. And this can have a significant impact on how we feel, how we see the world and how we deal with conflict. Notably we’ve recently seen in the Charlie Hebdo attack how media is also now the victim of the violence it portrays. In this interview with Pattie Porter, the Texas Conflict CoachMarianne Perez de Fransius shares how exposure to so much violence in the media negatively affects us as individuals and as social beings and how to break the cycle. You’ll learn where to find media that gives you food for creative, collaborative and compassionate thoughts, including two initiatives that Marianne is involved in: Peace is Sexy and the Peace Superheroes. By increasing the visibility and availability of peace media, Marianne believes that it can have a profound impact on how we view the world and on how we choose to deal with conflicts and with those we disagree with.  

If you’re having trouble listening to the podcast, try accessing it here instead.

Note: This interview was originally aired on the Texas Conflict Coach‘s BlogTalkRadio podcast. 

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