Jody Williams – Righteous Indignation with Sparkle

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams discusses what has fueled her activism for over 30 years and her latest passions around stopping gender violence and killer robots.  Tell me how you got started. My first protest was against US involvement in Vietnam and it awakened me to a different understanding of my country, the US. Read more about Jody Williams – Righteous Indignation with Sparkle[…]

Zak Ebrahim – Choosing the Path of Peace

His father is a convicted terrorist, but Zak has chosen to be a peacebuilder. Tell me how you got started. Because of my life story I had been introduced to fanatical ideologies that drive people to commit acts of violence. My own father chose to pursue a life of violence instead of a peaceful life Read more about Zak Ebrahim – Choosing the Path of Peace[…]

Steve Killelea – Quantifying Peace

A few years ago, I was traveling in Congo and got to thinking, “What are the most peaceful countries in the world?” I really got curious about that question and started doing some research on it, but couldn’t find anything. And I thought if a business man like me can’t find the answer, then there Read more about Steve Killelea – Quantifying Peace[…]

Alice Richmond – Peace in Tech

by Alice Richmond, Delivery Manager Last month (October 2015), I spoke at a conference in Barcelona on the topic of communicating peacefully with teams and clients. Often the phrase “Peace in Tech” is referring to promoting technology that reduces the need for aggressive and peace disturbing manufacturing processes for hardware. It is so easy to Read more about Alice Richmond – Peace in Tech[…]

Helena Puig Larrauri – Building Peace through Technology

Tell me how you got started. I currently co-direct a social enterprise that works at the intersection of civic engagement, peacebuilding and technology… which I guess is also the intersection of my interests. I started off working in civic engagement: I was a student activist, then worked for the Mayor of London. While I was studying Read more about Helena Puig Larrauri – Building Peace through Technology[…]

Peace is Also Powerful

by Joslin Roderick To be at peace is to be in a state of superpower. It is from a place of peace that we, as humans, have the capacity for good choice and right action. It if from a state of peace within ourselves that peace is created in the world. The battleground for peace Read more about Peace is Also Powerful[…]

What a former rebel fighter can teach us about humanity

by Jakob Silas Lund When I first met Samba, he struck me most of all as a person almost obsessively engaged in the local reconciliation process in the wake of the Sierra Leonean civil war. He was the most eager of all the participants at the first consultation among former fighters, victims and witnesses of Read more about What a former rebel fighter can teach us about humanity[…]

Ruth Henry – Making peace with Hip Hop

I think there were two defining moments that got me started on my current path. One was as a teenager back in Boston, when I watched a friend get shot while hiding behind a car and trying to keep another friend from getting involved in the fight. My teenage years had been turbulent, as they Read more about Ruth Henry – Making peace with Hip Hop[…]

Sarah Benazera – God Created Me Too!

This story by Sarah Benazera made it to the top 10 of MasterPeace’s My MasterPeace Moment storytelling competition in which participants were asked to share a personal story about why they work for peace. Peace is Sexy was a co-sponsor of the contest and the winner shared her story at UN Headquarters in New York Read more about Sarah Benazera – God Created Me Too![…]

Anniversary Message from the Founder

As Peace is Sexy celebrates its third anniversary on Valentine’s Day, I would like to wish the community a peaceful and sexy holiday. On a global level, this has been a difficult year, with disease, terrorism, invasions and crises taking center stage. But on a more personal level, I’ve seen peace be created, made accessible and propagated Read more about Anniversary Message from the Founder[…]