Peace is Also Powerful

Shi_Yan_Fan_and_young_warriors_of_Shaolin_Temple_Los_Angelesby Joslin Roderick

To be at peace is to be in a state of superpower. It is from a place of peace that we, as humans, have the capacity for good choice and right action. It if from a state of peace within ourselves that peace is created in the world.

The battleground for peace is not an external one, as many of us have come to believe. It is, rather, an inside job. It is a fight for our minds, our consciousness, our spirits, through the back alleys and crevasses of fear that threaten to destroy us. That is why peace is born of power, it is the result of the victory and accomplishment that we have won the war of terror and returned to sanity. The war is for ourselves and our right thinking – that if we just get back in our bodies, stop the crazy, and choose action based on pure consciousness and care, the outcome would be less violent and more peaceful. Power, defined in the PeaceinPower™ Foundations, is a positive, collected, and confident energy – it is our life energy, our strength, our stability, our true nature. And, the more people in this world who have the capacity to choose positive, harmony-producing actions and behaviors over negative more violent ones, the more potential we have for peace to manifest in our relationships, families, communities, and world. In this struggle for peace, the self is the only thing we absolutely have the power to change.

FitforPeace™, a program of PeaceinPower™, is a holistic transformation program utilizing fitness to teach the Principles of Peace. To be ̈fit ̈ implies a condition in which we, as individuals, have the capacity for health, consciousness, understanding, positive action, and peace – it means having the ability, skill set, and strength to locate and utilize the power within and to create inner, inter-, and intra-personal peace in everyday life. At FitforPeace™, we do this through the act of becoming physical with ourselves first – to drop into the triad of mind, body, spirit as if we were parachuting back to earth, back to ground. We strengthen our muscles, we strengthen our spirits, we strengthen our minds so that when we are called upon to choose right action rather than harmful behavior, we have the strength to do so. And, as we, as individuals, become peacefully em-powered, the world around us, of course, does the same.

PeaceinPower™ is a new start-up social business combining the strategies of social business and branding methodologies (based on the Branding for Social Impact© frameworks). The core mission is to develop a contemporary way to see, understand, and achieve peace while also creating a newly-skilled community of powerful peacemakers. For more information, contact

JoslinIRJoslin I. Roderick has studied peace and transformation for the last 20 years both in her personal life and at the academic level. She was awarded a Master’s Certificate in Peace Studies from the European University for Peace Studies in Austria and a Master’s Degree in Peace Studies and Social Business at SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont (Thesis Title: Using Branding to Affect Behavioral Social Impact). She has extensive experience in personal transformation and wellness practices, is an accomplished dancer, and has held multiple events recognizing International Day of Peace in her hometown of Durango, CO. She currently resides in Brattleboro, VT with her partner where she launches her social ventures and explores her creative aspirations in writing, painting, and design.

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