Peace is Also Powerful

by Joslin Roderick To be at peace is to be in a state of superpower. It is from a place of peace that we, as humans, have the capacity for good choice and right action. It if from a state of peace within ourselves that peace is created in the world. The battleground for peace Read more about Peace is Also Powerful[…]

Valia Glytsis – The Paradox of Leadership

Valia Glytsis went from a high-powered career in corporate America to starting her on executive coaching practice. Along the way she learned something fascinating about the paradox of leadership.  Tell me how you got started. My road to executive coaching and leadership development started with an onset of sudden panic attacks. I have always had the Read more about Valia Glytsis – The Paradox of Leadership[…]

Serenity by Sergio Parreiras

Sergio L. Parreiras was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and immigrated to the United States in the late 80´s. He has worked as a social activist and advocate for Brazilian immigrants in Florida. He now lives in Stockholm, Sweden, where he completed a master degree in Latin American Studies at Stockholm University – writing about Read more about Serenity by Sergio Parreiras[…]

NYC Peace Museum – Creating a Space for Peace

SuZen sees peace as coming from a peaceful mind and heart. Being patient and accepting and compassionate towards others. She believes each one of us has to create our own inner peace to have peace in the world. Each of us has to be pro-active and work on our own inner being. This is challenging, Read more about NYC Peace Museum – Creating a Space for Peace[…]