Why you should consider Africa for your next vacation

Africa does not figure on most non-Africans’ top vacation destinations, but it should, even if you have a baby. My husband, our 19-month old and I have recently done a lot of traveling in Southern Africa, i.e. in South Africa (multiple self-driven safaris in Kruger Park, hiking around the Drakensbergs, a couple weeks in Cape Read more about Why you should consider Africa for your next vacation[…]

Anniversary Message from the Founder

As Peace is Sexy celebrates its third anniversary on Valentine’s Day, I would like to wish the community a peaceful and sexy holiday. On a global level, this has been a difficult year, with disease, terrorism, invasions and crises taking center stage. But on a more personal level, I’ve seen peace be created, made accessible and propagated Read more about Anniversary Message from the Founder[…]

Keeping the peace profitable in Mozambique

Mozambique has profited from its long period of peace, both in terms of tourism and foreign investment, but if they don’t transform the current conflict left over from the civil war, they have a lot to lose. Tourism is already suffering… who knows what will be next. Mozambique has developed impressively since the signing of Read more about Keeping the peace profitable in Mozambique[…]

Biking to Success in Mozambique

The past week saw the resignation of one the most powerful CEOs in the world: Tom Albanese of the mining giant Rio Tinto. One of the factors that precipitated his downfall was an embarrassing write-down on the companies coal assets in Mozambique, of roughly 3 billion USD. The loss stemmed primarily from a failure to Read more about Biking to Success in Mozambique[…]

Mozambique Spices Up Its Peace Dividend

by Andreas Perez de Fransius, Peace is Profitable Contributor While it rarely finds itself in the world’s headlines, Mozambique has been one of the most dynamic economies in the world over the past few years. Its growth rates are consistently in the world’s top ten and projected investments for the coming years are set to Read more about Mozambique Spices Up Its Peace Dividend[…]