Steve Killelea – Quantifying Peace

A few years ago, I was traveling in Congo and got to thinking, “What are the most peaceful countries in the world?” I really got curious about that question and started doing some research on it, but couldn’t find anything. And I thought if a business man like me can’t find the answer, then there Read more about Steve Killelea – Quantifying Peace[…]

Why you should consider Africa for your next vacation

Africa does not figure on most non-Africans’ top vacation destinations, but it should, even if you have a baby. My husband, our 19-month old and I have recently done a lot of traveling in Southern Africa, i.e. in South Africa (multiple self-driven safaris in Kruger Park, hiking around the Drakensbergs, a couple weeks in Cape Read more about Why you should consider Africa for your next vacation[…]

Keeping the peace profitable in Mozambique

Mozambique has profited from its long period of peace, both in terms of tourism and foreign investment, but if they don’t transform the current conflict left over from the civil war, they have a lot to lose. Tourism is already suffering… who knows what will be next. Mozambique has developed impressively since the signing of Read more about Keeping the peace profitable in Mozambique[…]

Peace Could be Possible in Turkey

If Turkey wants to join the ranks of countries like Norway, Canada and Japan, it has some work to do. May 9, 2013 – Last month, I was invited to teach a Peace Journalism course and speak at a conference in Istanbul, Turkey which gave me an opportunity to revisit and re-acquaint myself with a country Read more about Peace Could be Possible in Turkey[…]

Global Peace Index – Studying the Economics of Peace

  The Global Peace Index, produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace, is the world’s leading measure of global peacefulness. It gauges ongoing domestic and international conflict, safety and security in society, and militarization in 153 countries by taking into account 23 separate indicators.   Key Findings for 2011 The world is less peaceful Read more about Global Peace Index – Studying the Economics of Peace[…]