Nonviolent Peaceforce – A Wave of Unarmed Civilians

When we think of nonviolent action, we often think of Gandhi’s Salt March or the American Civil Rights Movement’s Lunch Counter Sit-Ins. While these are the most publicized nonviolent actions, there is in fact a whole gamut of actions based on Gandhi and Martin Luther King’s experiments that has been developed and put into practice.[…]

100 years of nonviolence

Transforming September 11 into a Message of Hope and Healing

This event took place 6 years ago, but it’s message is well worth repeating.  On September 11, 2006, New Yorkers and Americans in 20 states marked the 100 year anniversary of Gandhi’s decision to use nonviolence. New Yorkers for a Department of Peace (NY-DOP), in cooperation with Sony Pictures, organized a one-day-only theatrical showing of[…]


Liz Gannon-Graydon – Acting like Gandhi, Dressing like Cher

I got started in peace work as a child. My parents raised me during the Civil Rights Movement as a student of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi. My father taught me the importance of peaceful, non-violent action as a force for change. Specifically, my organization, What BETTER Looks Like, was inspired by my work as[…]