Jody Levy: Getting the Conversation Started

Tell me how you got started.

Conversation Peace came out of a dream to bring people from all walks of life together by sharing their wishes and intentions about peace. Peace on a personal, local and global scale.

What interests you most about what you’re doing now?

Conversation Peace is a passion project that gives people a platform to share their thoughts and to consider the change they want to see in the world. My interest lies in positively inspiring and shifting people’s perspective to ultimately create change.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment in life is waking up each day and feeling happy and being able to share my energy and passion with the world. My biggest accomplishment with Conversation Peace is launching this experiment into the world and having people across the globe support the effort.

Biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge as it relates to Conversation Peace is to get people who are not comfortable expressing their thoughts to share their expressions.

Who or what inspires you?

People who commit their lives to developing business and art and experiential stories that make change, that better our shared world, and that inspire new thinking. Yoko Ono, Richard Branson, Buckminster Fuller, John Lennon are some of my heroes committed to developing stories that take action and invoke transformation.

Why is peace sexy to you?  

Peace is sexy because it connects at a deeply personal level and that connection is what makes all of us feel innately alive.

What does “Peace is Sexy” evoke for you?

Peace is Sexy evokes a sense of cool, a positive energy, an attraction that brings me in and that I want to focus on, learn more about, and become part of.

What is a simple thing you do to create peace?

Conversation Peace as a project has been developed to shift thinking and bring greater peace and mindfulness to people across the globe.

What is something you do everyday?

Everyday I take time to be grateful for everything in my world, my people, my superpowers, my creative expression, my ability to share stories. These moments of gratitude bring a sense of peacefulness within that translates to the universe around me.

How would you like Peace is Sexy to make a difference in what you are up to?

By helping to spread the word about Conversation Peace. To help make people aware of the project and to inspire people to be part of the collective art installation that brings together everyone’s thoughts and expressions into one shared experience.

Where would you like to see your passion go in the next 10 years? 20 years? 100 years?

In every possible direction with one central focus on inspiring people to feel excited, alive and empowered to take action about the causes that make them feel alive and connected.


Join the conversation:

Twitter: #ConversationPeace


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