Michelle Bernard – Remembering to Dream

I am michellebernard, a sculptor of mind, body, and jewel!

I am a transformation teacher for children and adults. I aim to illuminate Self-awareness through movement {exercise and strength training, dance, and yoga} and the creative arts. Through these modalities, I encourage my students to honor their unique life experiences.

I am certain that acquiring the ability to live IN LOVE and GRATITUDE for one’s experience is a process powerful enough to shift the consciousness of humanity.

My credo:

1. There is no perfection, there is balance
2. Let the teacher within have the final word
3. Too much information isn’t always good for you
4. Never stop believing in miracles
5. Let your heart Be your compass/TrueLOve is magneti

Perhaps my biggest challenge was in seeking perfection, I found out it didn’t exist.  I’ve lived here, there, everywhere–Iowa, Chicago, Los Angeles, Japan, and NYC.  I’ve had dreams sparkle for me, transform, and totally plummet.  Curiously, I am super happy for all of it.

I seek balance now. In fact, I believe that balance is perfect, just like nature shows us.

My greatest accomplishment was in my courage to know GOD.  I grew up with a “traditionally sound” religious foundation.  Everything God-based was neatly wrapped in symbolism, none of which did I really understand.  I was just following the tradition without question, mostly out of fear.

Deep in my self, I was hoping to have a relationship with a GOD of LOve.  This yearning led me to other religious texts and teachings, sent me to my knees, to the ocean, and flat on my belly (my favorite places to pray).  Happiness, miracles, bouts with depression, doubt, friends’ stories, family experiences, loss and death, finding my strengths, new jobs, hating myself, and loving myself —-  all of these things— helped me to know the Great Spirit, the Great Power!

I am encouraged by the teachings of many earth angels:  Dr. WayneDyer, Marianne Williamson, and Michael Bernard Beckwith.

I feel the Great Spirit when I’m in the presence of mountains and waterfalls, when I’m holding rocks, and smelling flowers.  I sculpt jewelry that resembles the “rock” called PEBBLEWEAR JEWELS.

We can know ourSelves by contemplating the “rock”.  Like the “rock”, we are formed and compacted over time under compressive forces, shaped by erosion.  Though we are susceptible to the changing circumstances of life, we are formed as beautiful and perfectly (balanced) unique creations.  The evolution of PEBBLEWEAR JEWELS and my transformation teachings are directly influenced by nature’s forming of the rock!

I think the sexiest quality in a person is the ability to FORGIVE.  Forgiveness requires compassion or empathy.  Once I allow myself to BE YOU, I can then forgive YOU.  Teaching others to hone the ability to forgive is a skill I’d like to extend in my teaching, mostly because I was able to teach myself to forgive my father after 41 years!!  When you no longer hold a negative charge in your body over a past experience or person, your heart can expand and hold a bunch more LOve.  It’s one of the hardest things to REALLY do, but definitely one of the hottest.

In the years to come, I pray that Great Spirit will move my teaching to reach more children and grown people.  I hope to sprinkle little ones with confidence and creativity AND remind grown up versions to surrender to the messages of life and remember, remember, remember to dream, no matter what.  That’s what I’m doing, and I like it.




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