Josselyne Herman-Saccio – Causing a Big Shift

As a leader of transformative programs, Josselyne doesn’t just stop at transforming individuals; she’s out to change the world. Tell me how you got started. I started leading transformative programs when I was 19 and discovered it would be an access to causing peace on the planet in my lifetime. What interests you most about[…]


Jody Levy: Getting the Conversation Started

Tell me how you got started. Conversation Peace came out of a dream to bring people from all walks of life together by sharing their wishes and intentions about peace. Peace on a personal, local and global scale. What interests you most about what you’re doing now? Conversation Peace is a passion project that gives[…]

Michelle Bernard

Michelle Bernard – Remembering to Dream

I am michellebernard, a sculptor of mind, body, and jewel! I am a transformation teacher for children and adults. I aim to illuminate Self-awareness through movement {exercise and strength training, dance, and yoga} and the creative arts. Through these modalities, I encourage my students to honor their unique life experiences. I am certain that acquiring[…]