How to Have Difficult Conversations with Family

With the summer holiday season fast approaching, some people are dreading family get-togethers in which topics such as politics, religion, current events always come up and consistently generate tense, maybe even angry, conversations.  Whether it’s anticipating the inflammatory comments of an uncle with opposite political views or fear of falling into the same pattern around Read more about How to Have Difficult Conversations with Family[…]

Holding everyone’s needs with care

In honor of the passing of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg on February 7, 2015, we wanted to share with you a few articles about the creator of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). First on a personal note, I had the honor of being trained by Marshall in the intimacy of the masters in peace studies at the European Read more about Holding everyone’s needs with care[…]

Community Dialogues: Stepping into the Fire

By Hadassah Hill  Attending the This Is How We Do It conference in NYC, I had the opportunity to hear Reverend Nelson Johnson, Executive Director of the Beloved Community Center and leader of the Greensboro Truth & Reconciliation Commission speak on the specific communication methodologies used in his Southern community to bring systemic racism and harmful histories “out of Read more about Community Dialogues: Stepping into the Fire[…]