Michelle Bachelet on Women and War

In this WNYC radioMichelle_Bachelet_with_sash interview, Michelle Bachelet, former Director of UNWomen, current candidate for and former President of Chile discusses the role of women in preventing war with Brian Lehrer. She references concrete examples of how women have successfully organized for violence prevention in Senegal, as well as her personal experience as a head of state. Through her work with UNWomen, Bachelet hopes to empower women to increase capacity for peacebuilding. She also notes the fine line that women in power walk in order to be respected and rise in the ranks while maintaining their femininity. As the former Minister of Defense of Chile, she feels that she maintained her female characteristics and didn’t adopt a male style. Only by remaining fully female will women truly be able to rise. Bachelet further states that peacebuilding is an ongoing process and needs to be worked on a daily basis in an inclusive manner.

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