Burundi’s Fish Triumph over Guns

Don. His name wasn’t typically Burundian. His father named him after Don King the renowned American boxing promoter. When Don King brought the great Mohamed Ali to Congo in 1974, Don’s father was in his mid teens. After Ali won the rumble in the jungle, Don’s father fell hopelessly in love with boxing. So when Read more about Burundi’s Fish Triumph over Guns[…]

No Contradiction between Sustainable and Profitable Growth

“Business can be the most powerful agent for change, and if business doesn’t change, then I think we’re all doomed,” Rose Marcario, Patagonia’s CEO said. “Business that puts profit above people and the environment is not going to be a healthy and sustainable way for us to live and for the planet to survive.” One Read more about No Contradiction between Sustainable and Profitable Growth[…]

Colby and Awu – Singing a New Paradigm

An American rapper and Cameroonian singer team up to create songs that highlight environmentalism, peace, social justice and a more positive world. Colby and Awu’s journey began this past summer (2012) in Bamenda, Cameroon. Colby Jeffers went there with his wife, Mallory, to volunteer with a nonprofit organization called “The Greens,” which focuses on environmentalism Read more about Colby and Awu – Singing a New Paradigm[…]

José Ivan Aquino – Educating for the Environment

A Brazilian educator shares how he works with the capital’s marginalized people to raise awareness about the environment.  What interests you most about what you’re doing now? Currently, my greatest interest is to empower the youth of the Itapoã community (an extremely poor area near Brazil’s capital city) to create an Ecological Park and to Read more about José Ivan Aquino – Educating for the Environment[…]

Business Rebels

by Andreas Fransius, Peace Is Profitable contributor Responsible business practices are often thought to be a luxury that only first-world multinationals can afford. However, creative new ways to combine profits with respect for workers’ rights and environmental sustainability are just as likely to come from entrepreneurs in poor countries, that are used to overcoming severe Read more about Business Rebels[…]