Peace Economy

Kick-Start Your Love Based Economy

Peace Is Profitable Contributor Howard Rosenberg discusses a model of profitability based on peace and doing what you love.  Funny that people have a difficult time equating peace to profitability.  This should come as no surprise; much of our economy is fueled by purchases of goods and services bought by people plagued by insecurity.  Insecurity[…]


EPHRC – Rehabilitating child soldiers in Mogadishu

Ahead of the TEDx Mogadishu idea-spreading conference on May 17, 2012,  Ilwad (Elle) Elman was interviewed by the BBC’s Dan Damon on World Update. Elle runs the Elman Peace and Human Rights Center in Mogadishu with her mom, Fartun. Her father was an ardent peace activist in the 1990s, spreading the mantra “Put down the[…]

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Creating a Community of Peaceful Innovators

by Andreas Fransius, Peace Is Profitable Contributor My previous two entries have tried to make the case for making peace a profitable corporate strategy, rather than a charitable side-activity. To achieve this goal it is instrumental to build effective partnerships with different stakeholders. While these are undoubtedly attractive ideas, how can they be put into[…]