How Food Can Make You Feel Sexy and Peaceful

RobynEsperanzaKevin SnowDuring this season, from Halloween to Valentine’s Day, we are culturally invited to indulge in a lot of food. Dr. Robyn Benson and Kevin Snow, co-hosts of the Self-Care Revolution, share in this interview with Marianne Perez de Fransius, founder of Peace is Sexy, which foods to watch out for (sugar and gluten) and which ones are ok (certain types of fat!)

Robyn and Kevin discuss how our intake of food during this season affects us all the way down to the cellular level and can even have an impact on us spiritually and emotionally. They give some great suggestions about what to steer clear of and what foods are good for us. A  key take away that they share is that it’s all about percentages. You don’t have to be an absolutist. But keeping a healthy diet 80 or 90% of the time, especially when you’re at home, can keep you feeling good and allow you to partake in holiday feasts without feeling excluded or self-conscious.


A few resources that were mentioned in the interview:

Book: The Mood Cure by Julia Ross


The Self-Care Revolution:

Robyn Benson:

Kevin Snow, the Desert Shaman:

Video: Sun Salutation

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