Want Teamwork? Encourage Free Speech

In order to help companies increase productivity and efficiency, Miki Kashtan uses tools from non-violent communication, namely asking questions that encourage dissent.  By MIKI KASHTAN “Is there anyone who’s not ready for me to sign this contract?” Jeremy, the chief executive of a small manufacturing company, held up a pen and looked around the room. His core Read more about Want Teamwork? Encourage Free Speech[…]

How Frugality Can Win over Skeptics

By Andreas Fransius, Peace Is Profitable Contributor Proponents of responsible business practices often end up preaching to the converted, by failing to make a strong case for why such strategies help firms to make more money. By focusing on ethical arguments and lofty rhetoric, such campaigns often fail to convince business leaders who are justifiably Read more about How Frugality Can Win over Skeptics[…]

Henry Gifford – Fighting Terrorism with a Caulking Gun

Tell me how you got started. When I was 20 years old, I bought some apartment houses in New York City. But they were expensive, so I was trying to figure out ways to lower the costs. I couldn’t do anything about the mortgage or the taxes and I couldn’t raise the rent. So I Read more about Henry Gifford – Fighting Terrorism with a Caulking Gun[…]