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Helena Puig Larrauri – Building Peace through Technology

Tell me how you got started. I currently co-direct a social enterprise that works at the intersection of civic engagement, peacebuilding and technology… which I guess is also the intersection of my interests. I started off working in civic engagement: I was a student activist, then worked for the Mayor of London. While I was studying […]

Peace is Fun

How to Defend Yourself in a Conversation Without Harming your Attacker

by Luke Archer Nowadays it’s much more “accepted” to be subjected to psychological or verbal abuse than physical abuse. Due to this social tolerance and the apparent subjective nature of such abuse it can be considerably harder to deal with it or to even imagine that it could subside. Too often, the victims of regular […]

Peace is Possible

How Sports Can Show You that Peace is Possible

by Sarbjit “Sab” Singh  I’m often asked – as I was last week at the first annual Sports Humanitarian Awards* presented by ESPN – why I started the blog/newsletter Sports Doing Good. Much like more accomplished entrepreneurs out there, I started it because it did not exist. I was someone who wanted to read about stories […]

Peace is Profitable

Looking at the Whole Lifecycle of Technological Hardware to Build Peace

By Marianne Perez de Fransius, founder Peace is Sexy & Peace Superheroes “It seems to me that there’s a deontological question we have to address here: how can we keep talking about using technology to build peace while ignoring the very real conflicts that the development of this technological hardware produces? Whether it is the […]

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