[Video] Is World Peace Possible?

In this video, former US Army Captain Paul Chappell explains how love is a stronger force than fear and how militaries all over the world try to manipulate human beings’ natural predisposition to love and take care of each other in order to get their soldiers to fight. Paul K. Chappell graduated from West Point Read more about [Video] Is World Peace Possible?[…]

Fernanda MBK – From Family Therapy to Beer Therapy

Tell me how you got started.  I got started with peace work in 2007. I was looking for an experience abroad, outside of my home country of Brazil, working in the humanitarian field. As I’m a psychologist, I initially wanted something connected with mental health and my area of expertise. But it wasn’t easy without Read more about Fernanda MBK – From Family Therapy to Beer Therapy[…]