Want Teamwork? Encourage Free Speech

In order to help companies increase productivity and efficiency, Miki Kashtan uses tools from non-violent communication, namely asking questions that encourage dissent.  By MIKI KASHTAN “Is there anyone who’s not ready for me to sign this contract?” Jeremy, the chief executive of a small manufacturing company, held up a pen and looked around the room. His core Read more about Want Teamwork? Encourage Free Speech[…]

Kick-Start Your Love Based Economy

Peace Is Profitable Contributor Howard Rosenberg discusses a model of profitability based on peace and doing what you love.  Funny that people have a difficult time equating peace to profitability.  This should come as no surprise; much of our economy is fueled by purchases of goods and services bought by people plagued by insecurity.  Insecurity Read more about Kick-Start Your Love Based Economy[…]