How Food Can Make You Feel Sexy and Peaceful

During this season, from Halloween to Valentine’s Day, we are culturally invited to indulge in a lot of food. Dr. Robyn Benson and Kevin Snow, co-hosts of the Self-Care Revolution, share in this interview with Marianne Perez de Fransius, founder of Peace is Sexy, which foods to watch out for (sugar and gluten) and which Read more about How Food Can Make You Feel Sexy and Peaceful[…]

Gifts that are Peaceful and Sexy!

With the holidays quickly approaching here are some of our suggestions for great gifts that support peace in various ways. For kids, rather than giving them toys that reinforce violence (toy soldiers and weapons) or low self-esteem (Barbie dolls), try these alternatives: –       Board games (great to play with the whole family!) –       Art supplies Read more about Gifts that are Peaceful and Sexy![…]