Cartoon Masterpeaces – Tweet for Peace

The theme of Dutch Memorial Day (May 4th) and Liberation Day (May 5th) is: ‘Liberty, pass it on’ (Vrijheid geef je door). MasterPeace gives a virtual twist to this theme: Your Peace Retweeted. Tweet your English peace message, in 140 characters including the hashtag #masterpeace2014, or share it on Facebook.
The hashtag #masterpeace2014 makes that top cartoonists from all over the world can follow these tweets easily. They will then use your tweet as an inspiration for their cartoons. The person who sends the Peace Tweet that leads to the most inspirational cartoon will win a ticket for the MasterPeace concert in 2014 in Cairo, including the flight. So, take your chance, contribute towards freedom and earn your concert ticket! The action started March 15th. You can send multiple Peace Tweets. You can view the different cartoons that are being created through on MasterPeace. Visit the site regularly: who knows, your tweet might be among the cartoons!
This initiative is made possible by Cartoon Movement, an international publication platform for professional political cartoons and journalistic comics. With the slogan: “There is more than one truth” it publishes work from around 130 cartoonists over 75 countries.
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