Why men don’t have a right to sex

Guest contributor Matt Johnson writes about what would be the true revenge of the nerds… and it doesn’t include power over all women.  As a young straight man who is decidedly not ‘alpha’ in personality, my first reaction to the massacre in Isla Vista, California, in May 2014 was to wonder how widespread this attitude is Read more about Why men don’t have a right to sex[…]

Michelle Bachelet on Women and War

In this WNYC radio interview, Michelle Bachelet, former Director of UNWomen, current candidate for and former President of Chile discusses the role of women in preventing war with Brian Lehrer. She references concrete examples of how women have successfully organized for violence prevention in Senegal, as well as her personal experience as a head of Read more about Michelle Bachelet on Women and War[…]

Increase Profits by Bringing Women into Business

With International Women’s Day on March 8, we see the usual focused interest on women’s issues including increasing female participation in political and legislative processes, decreasing violence against women, increasing the number of years of education for girls and women and decreasing the pay gap between men and women. While they are all important issues, Read more about Increase Profits by Bringing Women into Business[…]