Keeping Your Chocolate Slave-Free

With a product as good as chocolate, it’s hard to imagine that it can have a part in modern day slavery. But the good news is that there is an industry-wide response to tackle the issue.  With over 58 million pounds (26 million kilograms) of chocolate consumed each year during Valentine’s week, about 5% of Read more about Keeping Your Chocolate Slave-Free[…]

Greece and the Neo-Nazis

Guest Contributor Vasilis Migkos offers an in-depth analysis of Greece’s Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party and how to make them less appealing to Greek society. Everything started a very long time ago in Greece. Back to 1940’s at the period that Greece was violently invaded and occupied by Germany (April 1941 – October 1944). The German Read more about Greece and the Neo-Nazis[…]

PeaceMeal – The Spicy Side of Peace

In a special edition of Peace Is Sexy, Stephanie Knox Cubon and Hannah Renglich jointly tell us about how they make peace through food. Tell me how you got started. When we met at the United Nations-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica three years ago, we already knew we had much in common – a desire Read more about PeaceMeal – The Spicy Side of Peace[…]