Ambassador Bird – A Whole New World of Peace

averybmpWhat do a talking dove, a grumpy seagull and a stray kitten have to do with world peace? Plenty. The talking dove is the central character in The World of Ambassador Bird, a children’s media brand that invites peace-loving companies to partner with them in empowering families and children around the world.

The multi-national main characters – Ambassador Avery Bird (a dove), Rosalia (a Latina bird of paradise), Ragnar (a Norwegian seagull), Lakpa (an Asian kitten), Ricotta (European mouse), Jubnah (Middle Eastern mouse), and Mma Gaboon (an African viper) – model strong family relationships, cross-cultural communication and curiosity about the world.

The innovation of Ambassador Bird is that it’s more than just a children’s TV show. Its ambition is to plant the seeds of understanding, acceptance, respect and peace in the newest generations.  The show helps 3 to 6 year olds – and their parents – feel more at home in our increasingly globalized world. Ambassador Bird takes viewers on trips around the planet by incorporating locally produced folktales and songs. Additionally, it is backed by research and accompanied by workbooks and comic books.

CastThe characters were created by artist and writer Bill Weber to inspire children to express their natural enthusiasm for peace.  While the show has yet to be picked up by a TV network or production studio, there are plenty of opportunities to interact with Ambassador Bird on his website.  In the United States, an Ambassador Bird puppet makes personal appearances at parades and civic events, and over ten thousand “Increase The Peace” stickers have been sold to children for their peace rallies and peace clubs.

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