Mission Statement

Sexy Synonyms: arousing, cuddly, flirtatious, inviting, provocative, provoking, racy, risqué, seductive, sensual, spicy

What if we started thinking of peace in all these ways? Rather than seeing peace as idealistic, unattainable and stale, Peace Is Sexy aims to show the inviting, seductive and spicy side of peace. Peace Is Sexy profiles people and organizations that are creating peace in the world. We also highlight stories that show the peace that already exists in our world as well as the songs, movies and shows that are already making peace fun and entertaining.

Peace Is Sexy’s mission is to tell and disseminate stories that shift the understanding and practice of peace from something that is dull, idealistic, costly and boring to peace as sexy, possible, profitable and fun.

Here at Peace Is Sexy, we live peace as a dynamic process to create positive relationships with oneself, with other people, cultures, life and even the Earth itself. To that end, you will see things on here that you might consider environmental, economic, or social (among other things); we put all those under the big tent of peace.

Peace is Sexy is the beginning of a paradigm shift. We’re using the exclusive interviews and original content on this website to shift the practice of peace from passive, idealist, costly and dull to peace as sexy, possible, profitable and fun. But we’re not stopping there! Our vision is to shift mainstream media from one focused on controversy, chaos, and conflict to one that celebrates community, collaboration and creativity! So our next step is to take the stories and profiles on Peace Is Sexy and use them as the basis for a fictional peace superhero series.

Want to be a leader in producing innovative content for media? Contact us for some simple tools you can use.

Peace on!

Building peace requires resources, just like building an education system or building a community. If you would like to invest in peace, click on the button below.

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