Peace Is Sexy Article (400 words – 800 words)

You may submit article(s) for any category:

Peace Is Sexy – Interviews with individual peace builders. The aim is to give a human dimension to peace work. The interview should help readers (who are not experts in peace, but are interested) understand individual motivations and actions in the peace building field. You may use the questions on the website or come up with your own. In doing an interview, you do NOT need to include every single thing that the interviewee said. Include only the things that will be most interesting to the readers.

Peace Is Possible – This category is quite flexible. In the past, we’ve written about specific organizations and their success stories, as well as articles about how to make peace possible in daily life. You are welcome to write about an organization or a “how to” article, as well as broaden the idea to any subject about how peace is possible. The aim is to inspire readers who are not experts in peace.

Peace Is Profitable – This category focuses on the relationship between economics and peace. We have written about the Global Peace Index, individual companies that are incorporating peace principles into their business model, macroeconomic issues and development trends. You are welcome to write an article with any of these themes or any other aspect that shows that peace is profitable. Again, the aim is to inspire readers who are neither experts in peace nor economics.

Peace Is Fun – This category focuses on peace media that already exists or is in creation. We’ve written about music(ians), films, TV shows, apps, fun events etc. The idea is to show that there are already many expressions of culture of peace and to inform readers about options and give them alternatives to the war media they may currently be exposed to.

In order to get published:

  • Write in a style that is accessible to the general public. Include the most interesting information first.
  • Frame your article from the peace studies/ peace journalism point of view.
  • Where possible, include links to additional sources of information. In a Microsoft Word document, highlight the text to be linked to an outside source, do CTRL-K (Command-K on a Mac), paste the link from your web-browser in the Link To field. More info here.
  • Include at least two images (at least 300 x 500 pixels) to be published with the article. If you can’t get an image from your subject, you can search for images which are free to use or share at: At the bottom of the list of options under Usage Rights choose the most appropriate option (most likely “Free to Use and Share”.)
  • Please proofread your article to make sure you have complete sentences, your ideas are presented logically and you have addressed spelling and grammar issues. Spell-check in your computer’s Word program should address most of the spelling and grammar issues, but getting a colleague or friend to edit and proofread your piece is always an asset.
  • Please include 1-2 sentences with your biographical details and a link to your website or work if you have one.


Articles that meet all our guidelines will be published on the website with your by-line.

Please upload your article as a Word Document.

Photos should be .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png, at least 300×500 pixels, but no larger than 1 MB.



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