April 11, 2016

Communications training

on brian lehrer showAre you having trouble getting your story across? Are people missing a part of what your organization does? Do you need a better way to tell people what’s going on?

Imagine a world in which your story was fully expressed and people understood the value of your organization. That is the world that Marianne Perez de Fransius is out to create and she is here to serve you in getting there through customized training, writing, and programming tailored to your needs.

In working with Marianne, clients:

  • gain confidence in their written and oral communications skills
  • discover their own and others’ rich untold stories
  • are seen and heard deeply
  • connect across differences
  • identify points of collaboration
  • learn critical analysis skills which can bring ease in many areas of life

Marianne is available for:

  • training and mentoring in written communications, public relations, dialogue facilitation and conflict mapping
  • writing assignments (research, policy papers, web content, marketing materials, speeches…)
  • dialogue facilitation, stakeholder assessments, keynote addresses, panel discussions

Writing can be delivered in English and French. Other services can be delivered in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish or Swedish.

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What others have said about Marianne Perez de Fransius:

“Marianne is a rare find – she’s self directed, highly organized, resourceful, detail oriented and follows through to get the job done (whatever the job may be!) She does it without fuss or drama and collaborates with and manages others easily, efficiently and equitably. She’s passionate about conflict resolution and peacebuilding and brings those principles to bear in all her dealings. I highly, highly recommend Marianne.” –Carol Hillson, Chair, New Yorkers for a Department of Peace

“Marianne is a trusted and valued member of the Jewish Dialogue Group’s team of facilitators. Over the past few years, she has organized and conducted successful dialogue sessions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in synagogues, colleges, and other venues in locations across the US. She has also led training workshops to enable people to facilitate dialogue programs in their own institutions, a communication skills workshop that empowered synagogue members to communicate more effectively with friends and family members about challenging issues, and participatory workshops about the practice of conflict-mapping.
Marianne has carried out all of these roles with great integrity and care. Marianne is highly knowledgeable about conflict transformation and group process, and she is skilled in a wide variety of facilitation methods. Marianne plans each program that she leads thoroughly, with careful attention to detail. When teaching and facilitating, she treats each participant with respect and compassion. She balances humility and assertiveness, empowering participants to take ownership of their conversations and learning experiences. She is flexible, responding quickly and creatively to unforeseen developments. Participants in the programs that she conducts benefit greatly from her leadership.
As a colleague, Marianne is supportive, dependable, and easy to work with. She shares power gracefully with co-leaders and provides helpful encouragement and feedback. I and the Jewish Dialogue Group’s other leaders have enjoyed work with her.” –Mitch Chanin, Director, Jewish Dialogue Group

“It has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with Marianne. She is tenacious, committed and extremely creative. She brings to projects what seems unlimited energy and a sincere desire to produce results. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any project for which she has the passionate desire to contribute.” –Douglas Hoffman, Principal, ALS Consulting

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