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Click the link on the right to download the free guide, “16 Easy Shortcuts to a More Balanced, Happier, Saner Life” now. We recommend right-clicking on the link and selecting Save Linked File As/ Download Linked File As.  You can download Adobe Reader here which you’ll need to view the guide.

The guide will be most effective if you take a bit of time to focus on it. We suggest disconnecting from phones, email and other distractions for 10-15 minutes. This time may well be the biggest gift you give yourself.

16 Easy Shortcuts to a More Balanced, Happier, Saner Life

In this guide, you’ll learn how you might be sabotaging yourself and keeping balance, happiness and sanity out of your life. You’ll get concrete actions you can take to increase the peace for yourself and those around you and you’ll get an implementation plan to get started right away.

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