My MasterPeace Moment

Everyone has a story – some big, others small. A miracle that happens in your life, a wonder, to pass on. Miracles that happened, because you made them happen. Because of your work, people’s lives got impacted, whether directly or indirectly. We at Peace is Sexy and MasterPeace appreciate very much the work you do, Read more about My MasterPeace Moment[…]

Peace is Profitable – A Marketing Idea

by Doug Hoffman What could be more valuable than having other people tell your story? Over the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic shift in how people gather information.  We have gone from a time when people gathered most of their information from TV, radio and newspapers, all controlled by large companies, to a Read more about Peace is Profitable – A Marketing Idea[…]

Monica Brasov Curca – Transmedia Storytelling for Peace

Monica Brasov Curca shares how peacebuilding can benefit from the public health strategy of behavior change communication.  Tell me how you got started. PAX Manifesto is a creative peacebuilding strategic communications organization; it was born out of a desire to marry my former work in strategic communications which focused on health and refugee social justice Read more about Monica Brasov Curca – Transmedia Storytelling for Peace[…]

Ambassador Bird – A Whole New World of Peace

What do a talking dove, a grumpy seagull and a stray kitten have to do with world peace? Plenty. The talking dove is the central character in The World of Ambassador Bird, a children’s media brand that invites peace-loving companies to partner with them in empowering families and children around the world. The multi-national main Read more about Ambassador Bird – A Whole New World of Peace[…]