Long Lasting Peace on V-Day!

Jennifer Castaneda is the author of the forthcoming book, “Bold Love For The Independent Woman.” She is the owner of Ms. Match, empowering divorced women who are ready to take bold action to break the cycle and find true love. Her biggest love is to lead strong women and answer your dating and relationship questions Read more about Long Lasting Peace on V-Day![…]

David Hazen – Rhapsody on Peace

Guest Contributor David Hazen writes about his passionate affair with peace. I’m feeling a bit tipsy, intoxicated, drunk with the energy of peace and love — a societal sin to be so falling-down infatuated with what normal people consider to be unrealistic, impractical and wishful thinking! This wild feeling reminds me very strongly of the Read more about David Hazen – Rhapsody on Peace[…]

Peace Is Possible – Even When Planning a Wedding

On September 1, Peace Is Sexy went to a whole new level. Marianne, Peace Is Sexy founder, and Andreas, Peace Is Profitable contributor, were married in a chateau just outside of Paris, France. In the months ahead of the wedding and the few days since, we’ve heard all kinds of horror stories and drama that Read more about Peace Is Possible – Even When Planning a Wedding[…]