Mediation in Schools: A Response to New Federal Priorities

Guest Contributor Matt Johnson discusses the benefits of mediation and conflict resolution in schools. (This post originally appeared on Peace is Sexy in January 2014, but following last week’s post, Love, Not Guns, we thought it was relevant to share it again.)  It is laudable that US Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric[…]

Wedding Crashers

Anna Nicholas – Making Peace Sexier

Guest Contributor Anna Nicholas negotiates popular culture by dialing back the pressure to create conflict. Peace is sexy. But if you look at popular culture and fictionalized entertainment, regardless of whether it’s written or filmed, peace is, well—boring, hard to explain and possibly even dangerous. There are a few reasons for this but if we[…]

Brad Heckman drawing - the Velvet Underground and Nico

Making Mediation Fun(ny)

In his recent TEDx Talk, Brad Heckman, Director of the New York Peace Institute, explains mediation in a fun and interactive way using his own drawings (like this one) and cheesy puns. He introduces concepts like “It’s not about ewe,” “Dare to be dumb,” and “Dance Zombie Dance.” Check out his video to see what[…]


NY Peace Institute – The Quick and Easy Way to Solve all your Probs

New York Peace Institute’s CEO, Brad Heckman, gives Peace Is Sexy the run down on how peace is possible in New York City, a city with more diversity than there are aspiring stars on Broadway.  What’s New York Peace Institute’s mission? Our mission is to build peace in New York City – and beyond. We[…]