Greece and the Neo-Nazis

Guest Contributor Vasilis Migkos offers an in-depth analysis of Greece’s Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party and how to make them less appealing to Greek society. Everything started a very long time ago in Greece. Back to 1940’s at the period that Greece was violently invaded and occupied by Germany (April 1941 – October 1944). The German Read more about Greece and the Neo-Nazis[…]

Greek Solidarity with Struggling Turks

Guest contributor Vasilis Migkos gives an update on the Greek reaction to the Turkish upheaval, describing how these traditional rivals are now supporting each other.  Thessaloniki, June 13, 2013 Democracy, respect of human rights and liberties, freedom of speech and of self identification are fundamental concepts of human civilization. When it comes to their defense Read more about Greek Solidarity with Struggling Turks[…]

Kai Brand-Jacobsen — Supporting those Building Peace in Cyprus

In Part 2 of 2, guest contributor Vasilis Migkos interviews the co-founder of Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) and the director of its Department of Peace Operations (DPO), Kai Brand-Jacobsen who shares his experiences, emotions, thoughts and ideas about peacebuilding in Cyprus. (Read Part 1.)  Kai, as far as I know, Read more about Kai Brand-Jacobsen — Supporting those Building Peace in Cyprus[…]