Video: Business as a Force for Good

Many professionals experience dissatisfaction with the results they get for the amount of work they put in. Given the amount of time we spend working (at the office, at home, on our commute and even on vacation!), it’s easy to wonder why profits aren’t sky-rocketing, why clients aren’t thrilled with our products and services and[…]

word of mouth

Peace is Profitable – A Marketing Idea

by Doug Hoffman What could be more valuable than having other people tell your story? Over the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic shift in how people gather information.  We have gone from a time when people gathered most of their information from TV, radio and newspapers, all controlled by large companies, to a[…]


The Role of Consumers

By Andreas Fransius, Peace Is Profitable Contributor While cost-cutting is an important imperative for firms, it is equally important to consider another motivation for responsible practices, namely how firms can reach new consumers. In fact, customers are often willing to pay a premium for products that have been produced in accordance with their values, for[…]


How Frugality Can Win over Skeptics

By Andreas Fransius, Peace Is Profitable Contributor Proponents of responsible business practices often end up preaching to the converted, by failing to make a strong case for why such strategies help firms to make more money. By focusing on ethical arguments and lofty rhetoric, such campaigns often fail to convince business leaders who are justifiably[…]